Trees are dug, moved, and planted using a 50" truck mounted tree spade.

* Prices quoted for each tree planted within four miles of our nursery.  Add $5 per mile or fraction thereof, per tree, for distance beyond first four miles.

2018 Price List


Landscaping Evergreens

Evergreen trees make great screens along boarders and provide year long privacy.  Make an appointment to come to our nursery, choose and tag your trees.  Then just mark the spot on your property where you want the trees planted and we'll take care of the rest.  

  •  Techney Arborvitae   9-11 foot
  •  Dark Green American Arborvitae   9-11 foot
  •  Native White Cedar   9-11 foot 

                     1 year Survival Guarantee

  # of      trees  Cost per treeMoving each Tree*Total Cost per Tree